Desktop Install Rates Reached New Maximum of 3 USD/Free Install (Average)

It is the first time in the history of freeware installations when the company pays the price of $3 for each product installation.

SmartWebAds have strived long to achieve this goal, which would have benefited our loyal partners. We have managed to do this through the complex system of sorting out those available desktop products which can be of the greatest interest to a particular user.

After working through over 40 parameters, our system comes up with an automatized and, at the same time, highly effective solution. As a result, SmartWebAds offer an individual bundle to a certain user. In this case, he or she gets a couple of products which he or she will find useful and/or entertaining. By doing so, the company provides its partners with high marketing results: the numbers of product installations performed by users are just incredible.

SmartWebAds have blended their unique technology platform with the most efficient marketing strategy to come up with a solution that benefits all parties. Thanks to the elements of Real-time bidding system, our technology allows us to obtain the optimal results and fair prices for every single partner.

The technology of ours is called Smart Installs. By using it, we offer the most suitable bundled desktop product for every single web user. Its greatest advantage is our ability to work through a database of over 3 million users daily and provide each and every one with an individual product in no time. So far, it is the first development of a kind in the present-day software monetization market.

SmartWebAds guarantee that the Smart Installs technology will drive necessary numbers of installations on a daily basis. As a result, cooperation with the company expands the reach for our partners, which brings them loyal audience and income. Competitive prices will make some partners pay less, and other partners earn more with us. While everyone in our business circle gets the best deal, users also find themselves in a win-win situation. The bundled products of our partners serve their interests in a perfect way. Besides, the impression of a personal approach increases their level of satisfaction.

SmartWebAds are open to working with new partners and ready to accepting new challenges. As a bonus, our company is always eager to surprise potential clients with personal deals for their promotional campaign.

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