A Story of One Collaboration: SWA & Joyvy (Interview)

SmartWebAds is a web advertising company which has been active for quite some time on the international market of online advertising and product monetization services. The company offers smart promotional solutions for its partners resulting in satisfaction of both the client and their users.

For those who are skeptical towards this new rising star of online advertising, we have asked a representative of one of SWA’s loyal partners, Joyvy, about their experience of working with the former. Meet Alex Roth, Joyvy Product Manager.

- Thanks for sparing some time with us, Mr Roth. For a start, can you tell us a bit about Joyvy?

I’ll be glad to tell you our story. Well, Joyvy is a game browser which serves as both a catalogue of online games and a playing platform with its own social network. Basically, it’s an application which is installed on a user’s Desktop and functions in a similar way to a web browser, just for gamers. So, it’s like Steam, but only for casual gamers: the catalogue consists of mostly browser and Flash games. Besides, all the games are free in Joyvy.

We have started with this great idea in 2011, and have developed and improved it significantly by 2013. Of course, we hoped that the product will immediately hit the bulls-eye and get wide publicity. But, you know, you can easily get nowhere without a serious advertising campaign.

- How were things with advertising for Joyvy?

The thing is that we have launched a bunch of campaigns, including banners, text links, press releases, etc. Then we did bundling. You see, Joyvy is not just a website; it’s a downloadable application. To win a user, we have to make him or her install the software and then complete registration. This is why CPM or CPC models are extremely ineffective: okay, we have a thousand guys seen our ad, a hundred may have even clicked on it, but the number of those who end up with Joyvy on their desktops is catastrophically low. Bundling is a good way of promotion, but it costs money. Also, you never know whether the user with our product installed ever launches it…

- This is where you found SmartWebAds?

Right. I don’t remember who it was to suggest that we try working with this company. We contacted them anyways and decided to give it a try. We were bought by the fact that SmartWebAds analyse users by a bunch of criteria before “deciding” what bundle to “give” them. Besides, they suggested that we launch a trial campaign first. We did as suggested, and we spent all our money in a week.

- Was it that expensive?

Yes, it was rather expensive, but the main thing was that we had Joyvy installed thousands of times; we just didn’t expect that would happen. I don’t know how they did it, but we increased our reach greatly. That social network of ours went buzzing with messages, and even the Support Team couldn’t get any rest.

- After this happened, did you want to continue working with SmartWebAds?

Sure. We just had no money and didn’t know what to do. Our marketing guy suggested that we write to guys at SWA and tell them our problem.

- What was the response? Did they agree to hold the campaign?

They didn’t (laughs). They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. They decreased the number of bundles with Joyvy for installation and moved the payment period by a month. Although we were almost broke, the users were actively playing games, and it brought us some revenue. We actually started earning money with what we had put our souls into. So, in a month, we were able to pay for the whole period. Since that time, we have been working with SWA only.

- Can you tell me about your latest campaigns with SmartWebAds?

Let me think… Recently, we stumbled upon some good Russian-language games and decided to make an app packed with those only. After doing some study of the market, we understood that we needed to go for the biggest cities, Moscow and St Petersburg. We thought that would be a problem, but the SWA team had a different opinion. It’s as if nothing unsolvable exists to them! By the way, it seems we did great on the Russian market!

- Sounds wonderful! SmartWebAds start to look like advertising magicians. What would you recommend to those software developers who are looking for a way of promoting their products?

I’d say they should go to SmartWebAds at once! Also, it’s important that software developers share all they have in mind with the SWA guys; they can be very helpful in finding unlikely solutions for any situation. Honesty and willingness to cooperate are the keys to a successful campaign!


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