Pay Per Install Terms and Policy

Blisbury LLP, the company that stands behind SmartWebAds, cares about its good name above all. Our priority is guaranteeing the best quality services to our clients. In regard to this, safety of ours and our clients’ users becomes of vast importance as well.

Therefore, abiding the existing legislation is crucial to us. We make sure that we are never involved with any illegitimate or potentially harmful activity. We act in accordance with the existing international and local legislation by promoting safe conduct.

We never accept any software that can potentially damage, disable or impair functionality of users’ software or hardware. While some of our competitors may abstain for any responsibility for their partners’ products, SmartWebAds team members check the latter manually. We make sure that no malware gets installed on the users’ computers. This presumes careful scanning for any malicious content that may include spyware, viruses, etc. In such cases where the above mentioned content is detected, we terminate further partnership with the product’s provider.

In all cases without exception, we are very strict about our Privacy Policy. No information is ever disclosed to any of the third parties. Protecting confidential information is a cornerstone of our business activity. We use all the data collected from both partners and users mainly for inner or statistical purposes. This allows us to ensure the protection of each and every person’s confidentiality. Additionally, we never accept software from our partners which can get access to users’ sensitive information (spyware).

To guarantee safety and security, we use all available instruments. As a preventive measure, SmartWebAds demands from all our partners to accept the Terms and Conditions along with the terms of our Privacy Policy prior to the cooperation.

All this has greatly contributed to our good reputation and has established SmartWebAds as a trustworthy brand. Over 40 world’s software developers have been successfully doing business with us so far. We are not stopping at this point and are always open to new partnerships.

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