How to Monetize a Desktop Application

When a person or a company creates a website, it is only natural that they hope to get some revenue with its help. Website monetisation can be done in many different ways through the means of on-site advertising. Still, there is a completely different story with software.

Some software products are available only after people have paid for using them. It is a great monetization scheme which, however, works with products that are either unique or flawless. The competition on the market is too high to make users pay for every product, especially when its creators are new players. It is enough to open any freeware catalogue on the Internet to see the whole picture. The variety of products one can use for one or another purpose is just stunning.

In-app advertising is another good way to get income from the product of yours. You can embed links or any other advertising materials into your software. The more people download the app, the more revenue you get from your advertisers. This formula applies when you work with the CPM (‘cost per mille’) model. You are paid for thousands of impressions, or unique ad views. You can go with CPC (‘cost per click’) scheme and get paid for every user who clicks on the partner’s link in your software. It can bring you more money provided that the ads are relevant to your audience.

Of course, ads within software products may have their vices. You cannot include too many ads in your app, as this will surely irritate the user. Who wants to deal with software that has constant banners blinking on the sidebar? In this regard, another solution is available to software developers: bundling their products with those of advertisers. Such products usually go in pack with your software during the installation process. For example, if a user installs a web browser, he or she may get a translation tool/plug-in paired with the former. There are a lot of opportunities in this area, and SmartWebAds are happy to offer you all of them.

While most online advertising agencies create bundles with no regard to the specifics of a particular user, SWA carefully analyze the developer’s target audience and create a bundle that will most likely fit in with users’ needs and interests. The company works with in-app ads too, both promoting the content and monetising software products. SmartWebAds also have an arsenal of handy combined solutions which may bring the developer additional revenue while acting in the user’s best interests. You can learn more on the website or by contacting the SWA team directly.


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