SmartWebAds Is Open for Software Monetization Partnership

SmartWebAds, an affiliate program from Blisbury LLP, is pleased to announce that it has gone public. It is designed to offer complex solutions to both software developers who want to monetize their products and online advertisers who are looking for a way to promote their ones.

Until recently, SmartWebAds ( has conducted its projects for a narrow network of partners and affiliates, while establishing loyal connections and keeping its customers satisfied with the services. The fast-growing market, evolving technologies, and rapidly increasing demand on software promotion have made it clear that the company with high ambitions should aim to cover a broader range of clients.

SmartWebAds Affiliate Program welcomes to join its partnership network all software developers and publishers who are willing to have profit from their products’ installs. Having established business relationships with over 40 affiliates, SmartWebAds offers best monetization solutions for new partners. By now, the project has successfully generated over 131 million installs.

SWA always ensures the best value for the publishers’ freeware through bundles, mostly in-app ads and trusted adware. Customized campaigns are also possible. On the top of it, through the Real-time bidding system, SmartWebAds guarantees its affiliates the best cost per action (e.g. per install).

The scheme of the software monetization with SmartWebAds looks as follows:

  1. A custom software bundle is created: after a thorough analysis of the target audience, advertiser’s software is bundled into a publisher’s installer.
  2. A user downloads and installs the developer’s software.
  3. During the installation process, the user is asked whether he/she would like to install the advertiser’s software as well.
  4. The user chooses to accept or decline the offer.
  5. In case of acceptance, companion software is installed on the user’s computer/device.
  6. The software developer is paid for a successful installation.
  7. SmartWebAds uses the result of every single process like this in the statistical analysis which aims at improving further performance.

On the other hand, advertisers are assured of reaching the most targeted audience for their products. Technology used by SmartWebAds allows analyzing and processing multiple characteristics of users who are offered software which meets their needs and is relevant to their interests.

Marianne Thompson, SmartWebAds Product Manager, has shared her thoughts on the project’s broadening of its horizons, “I am really happy that we are ready to take the next step, [which is] offering our services to the broader audience of potential clients. The project has outgrown our niche, and it’s time to move on.”

For more information about the possibilities that SmartWebAds offer, potential partners can go to the website or contact the team directly at or

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