SmartWebAds: An Introduction

In the present-day freeware market, software developers are using every single opportunity to monetise their products. Usually, it involves bundling of their apps with various companion software. The role of the latter often goes to web browsers, toolbars of questionable usefulness, and utilities which are meant to make one’s web surfing easier. Affiliate programmes offer those “useful” products in exchange for income so much desired for by software developers. Distributors of utilities which are sewn into monetised in such manner freeware include the world’s biggest IT corporations. No doubt Google and Yahoo are also players on that field.

All this often results in an army of irritated software users who get unnecessary utilities installed on their PCs. The overall dissatisfaction grows bigger when it turns out they cannot get rid of those tools as easily as they expect. Nevertheless, the scheme described above is in the full swing these days: many software developers worldwide consider revenue from bundled installations as their main source of income. For them, “the more the better” is most desirable. At the same time, they have to take into account such factors as efficiency. Thus, it is important to collect statistics on numbers of companion software installed by users and draw conclusions on which bundles are more effective than others.

Blisbury LLP have created SmartWebAds, an affiliate programme for software monetisation and distribution. It is an advertising platform which connects developers and distributors in a safe way under its team’s control. The principle is similar to that of a C&C server, only without any malicious connotation: it is partners’ software, along with its distribution and installations, which are commanded and controlled by SWA.

Apart from coordination of different parties and creating software bundles, SmartWebAds gather and maintain all the necessary statistical information. The team of professionals analyse collected data to improve their services. For example, their database includes numbers of users who return to the companion products after the installation. In case if those numbers are too low, the campaign may be terminated. Also, the platform helps to collect information on contaminated PCs and track their IDs to make sure the partners do not pay excessively as a result of repeated installations on the same computer. Moreover, SmartWebAds perform analysis of web users by a number of criteria, which allows them to bundle software products in a pleasant for every particular user and thus effective way.

SmartWebAds are open to new partners any time. They offer profitable conditions to all software developers who wish to monetise their products by paying up to $3 per install of the companion software. So far, over 40 distributors have been successfully working with them, and those who are looking for some revenue trust them more with every campaign.

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