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Desktop Install Rates Reached New Maximum of 3 USD/Free Install (Average)

It is the first time in the history of freeware installations when the company pays the price of $3 for each product installation.

SmartWebAds have strived long to achieve this goal, which would have benefited our loyal partners. We have managed to do this through the complex system of sorting out those available desktop products which can be of the greatest interest to a particular user.

After working through over 40 parameters, our system comes up with an automatized and, at the same time, highly effective solution. As a result, SmartWebAds offer an individual bundle to a certain user. In this case, he or she gets a couple of products which he or she will find useful and/or entertaining. By doing so, the company provides its partners with high marketing results: the numbers of product installations performed by users are just incredible.

SmartWebAds: An Introduction

In the present-day freeware market, software developers are using every single opportunity to monetise their products. Usually, it involves bundling of their apps with various companion software. The role of the latter often goes to web browsers, toolbars of questionable usefulness, and utilities which are meant to make one’s web surfing easier. Affiliate programmes offer those “useful” products in exchange for income so much desired for by software developers. Distributors of utilities which are sewn into monetised in such manner freeware include the world’s biggest IT corporations. No doubt Google and Yahoo are also players on that field.

How to Monetize a Desktop Application

When a person or a company creates a website, it is only natural that they hope to get some revenue with its help. Website monetisation can be done in many different ways through the means of on-site advertising. Still, there is a completely different story with software.

Some software products are available only after people have paid for using them. It is a great monetization scheme which, however, works with products that are either unique or flawless. The competition on the market is too high to make users pay for every product, especially when its creators are new players. It is enough to open any freeware catalogue on the Internet to see the whole picture. The variety of products one can use for one or another purpose is just stunning.